Yoga and calmness!

I recommend everyone just try Yoga! I am fortunate to practice my yoga at Humming Puppy (Melbourne studio). With my love of design, in this instance interior architecture, I saw their fitout in a Broadsheet article. Then thought I might check this place out (it was in alignment with my style #5star ha ha)….and can I say it was one of the best decisions of my life!

They run 4 types of Yoga classes – with my favourite being Mellow Hum… they say it is a ‘super chilled restorative class’. This is brilliant if you have had a busy day, week or are simply stressed out!

Life is travelling so fast these days and stress unfortunately is regular in some peoples lives. This class makes you stop for 1 hour and simply chill out. It is important we look after ourselves….and you are responsible for your own actions, so be mindful of the decisions you make people! I finally convinced my Mum to try it as I knew it would benefit her….after her first ‘Mellow Hum’ class she slept right through the night!

Make a change for you….Xx


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