The time has come!

Wow, the moment is finally here….I am making my first blog post with many more to come!

I have been talking about my blog for a while now, trying to be a perfectionist and getting all the ducks in a line. When is the right time to start, what do I start with etc etc etc.

This blog idea originated from my thoughts on ‘Breaking the Blueprint’….and then I think, but there are other things I want to blog about, how with that fit in? Maybe I will have two blogs? And so the procrastination went on….I am sure you have all been there!?

So running with two, making a start with ‘Empowerment, Love & Laughter’, and keep the ‘Breaking the Blueprint’ specific for exactly that, so watch this space too!

Please follow and feel free to join in any discussion, as it is just ‘my opinion’ and everyone has a good idea!

Stay safe, take care!

Kristi Xx